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Aluminium watter bottle with picture

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Apron – White

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Chef’s hat personalised with name or logo

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Eye Glasses cleaner personalised with picture or text

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Kids Backpack with name

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Kids baseball caps with name

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Kitchenware Ceramic Coaster with photo

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Latte Cup Personalised

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25 Results

Congratulations! Birthday means party and a lot of gifts

A whole list of original & unique personalised photo gifts to choose from. Designing your gift is very simple! Pick your favorite one that will suit the birthday boy or girl and with a few simple clicks the gifts will be personalised into the unique gift you want it to be. This birthday gift will have that special personal touch because you create the design with your favourite picture, funny quote or special message!

Happy birthday and enjoy the party!

Personalised Birthday Gift
Hip hip hooray! It’s someone’s birthday, hooray, hooray. It is that one day in the year that is completely dedicated to the birthday boy or girl. In short, a personal holiday on which the birthday boy or girl is pampered from head to toe. The house is decorated with garlands or balloons and there is a lot of singing and eating. With a bit of luck, the birthday boy or girl can also make a wish while blowing out candles. But the best thing about this day is the visitors and the nice birthday presents that they bring. What is more fun than the cheerful crackling of gift paper that is enthusiastically pulled off!
At Fungits we will therefore not just help you with a personalised gift, but with a birthday present that is fully customised for the birthday boy or girl! Check out our range of birthday gifts and give your partner, family or friends an original and personalised birthday gift!

Birthday gift for him
It’s his birthday and that means you can spoil him! A romantic dinner alone or a drink with friends, that’s all good – but what he really wants is a personal gesture. Fungifts is here to help you. Order a unique and personalised birthday gift with your photo here that he will remember for years to come. We have all kinds of fun original photo gifts that you can have printed with a beautiful photo or name, text or beautiful design. Does he travel a lot and is he away from home a lot? Then order this handy thermo mug with photo and have it printed with a nice family photo. Or put his favourite quote on a silver-plated money clip, that’s always handy too! At Fungifts we have plenty of ideas! Browse through our range of birthday gifts and order the perfect gift for him today.

Birthday gift for her
It is finally her birthday and that will be celebrated extensively! A delicious breakfast in bed, a nice walk together – there are so many great ways to celebrate her birthday. But to make it memorable you should of course give her a wonderful birthday present. Looking for something original and with a personal touch? Then Fungifts is the perfect place. We have a diverse collection of birthday gifts and you can personalise each item by printing it with a fun photo, inspiring design or text. How about a unique stretch bracelet with photo for your glamour girl or a handy jewellery box with your own photo or text? There is something for everyone! Stroll through our diverse range of birthday gifts and surprise her with the ultimate birthday gift.

Birthday gift for children
Children usually wait all year for their birthday. It is a really special day for them and they expect a birthday party, with all the bells and whistles. We know that for parents the bar is high and that it is essential to find the ultimate birthday gift. At Fungifts, you will always find a unique and personalised birthday gift. Browse through our assortment of useful items for younger children and babies, such as a soft bib or teddy bear, but also great birthday gifts for older children, such as an alarm clock with your own photo, a fun saying or a cheerful design.